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As a Doula, I strive to assist each family in finding a rhythm that makes their pregnancy and birth successful and joyous. I am here to support, educate and guide you throughout your pregnancy, labor and post partum.

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What is your role as my doula/Why should I use a doula?  

As a doula, I am here to assist you and your partner in making the most special labor and birth experience possible. I will provide you with education materials and ideas during your pregnancy to help equip you for your labor and delivery. I will be a constant presence during labor and delivery and shortly afterwards. I provide comfort measures continuously during labor and delivery. Such as, position changes, light massage, encouraging words and guidance on what's coming next. I will be in touch after baby is born by phone, email and post partum visit/s.

Can a doula help me if I am planning on medications?

Absolutely! My role as a doula is to be whatever you need me to be to ensure your labor and delivery is a success in your eyes. I will still help you with education materials, going through labor and delivery and post partum.

Women with continuous labor support by a doula have seen:

  • 31% decrease in use of pitocin
  • 28% decrease in the risk of c-sections
  • 14% decrease in risk of newborns being edmitted to a special nursery
  • 12% increase in likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 9% decrease in use of ANY pain medications
  • 34% decrease in being dissatisfied with their birth experience