Precious Beginings

Because birth should be beautiful & supported
Doula Services

Services & Fees

​​Labour & Birth Doula

I offer a labour and birth package which includes 2 prenatal visits lasting 2-3 hours each, in which we will make a birth plan, go through pain relief options, what your exact likes/dislikes for your labour are, also any concerns you may have. We will also learn relaxation techniques from breathing to positions and many more.

I will be on CALL for you 24/7 from the day you turn 37 weeks pregnant until you deliver.
After birth once you and baby are settled (maximum 3 hours) I will leave you to bond and enjoy this very special time.
I will visit you again around days 3-4 postpartum when your ready, and will hand over your birth story I would have written up for you, so you may reflect on this wonderful journey.

Once hired I offer unlimited phone advise and support throughout your pregnancy up until 1 month after birth at no extra cost.
My job and passion is to support you in every aspect of motherhood.
if required I am able to direct your partner during labour, so they can also feel involved in supporting you.
I am also able to drive you to your chosen hospital if needed at no extra cost.  This package is currently £600

​​Postnatal Doula

Once you have arrived home, or from day 3 after birth to 1 year, I offer postnatal care which includes a huge variety of tasks from;

  • Establishing breast feeding.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Baby wearing advice.
  • Light housework.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Night shifts. (you sleep I stay away caring for baby, and   prepare breakfast)
  • Emotional support.
  • What's normal new-born appearance and normal recovery for mum.
  • 24hr telephone support and advice.
  • Food shopping & errands. 
  • Helping with your other children if any.
  • I can care for baby whilst you take a shower/bath.
  • Or anything else you might need.
  • I also offer a 30-minute postnatal massage using Aromatherapy and hot stones around 2-3weeks after birth, depending on recovery, at no extra cost for those who have hired my services for the Pregnancy and Birth Package.

Postnatal care is charged at £15.00 per hour, a minimum of 3 hours will need to be booked. A distance of over 4 miles will be charged at 50p per mile.


To support you with any Midwife/GP/ultrasound/consultant appointments are charged at a set rate of £35.00 per appointment for a maximum of 3 hours, two weeks’ notice must be given. A distance of over 4 miles will be charged at 50p per mile.